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Regenerative Therapy

At Texas Regenerative and Integrative Centers of Health, we are proud to offer non-surgical regenerative medicine to our patients. Regenerative medicine works by replacing or regenerating human cells and tissues to restore them to normal functionality and includes therapies such as amniotic tissue injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Amniotic Tissue Injections

Amniotic tissue is the most recent addition to the regenerative medicine arsenal and involves donated amniotic membranes from the umbilical cord or inner layer of the placenta. These tissues undergo an extensive and thorough screening process before being made available for commercial use in injections. Once placed in the body, the cells help to activate your body’s regenerative powers to promote quicker healing.


The blood predominantly consists of plasma, which carries red and white blood cells and platelets. PRP is created by drawing some of the patient’s own blood and then using a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets within a sample of the plasma. This concentrated sample of platelets is then combined with the original blood sample. We can then inject this platelet-rich blood into the injured area. This boost of cells from your own body ensures you can heal faster than ever before.


EPAT is used to help our patients recover from painful muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries. It is especially effective in the treatment of conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sesamoiditis, as well as other chronically injured tissues. For optimal results, we recommend treatment with non-invasive, FDA approved EPAT three to five times per week for 12 weeks. Appointments typically only take 10 minutes, and many patients report feeling immediate relief that continues to improve with continued treatment.

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